Youth of Our Lives:

(YOOL). From a recent survey 2015,  we found that  89%  of  the Nigerian youth says they  have no life direction  nor plans and are often influenced by peers , trends and celebrities   in  making decisions, we at arise believe  a youth  mentored with set life plan and goals  will  turn out  far better than  the ones  who don’t. Youth of our Lives is that mentoring, information and awareness opportunities for  the youth of the future, 80 members are the girls who we specially mentor and empower  as a girl , while w e also  teach the boys early on about girls and how to respect and treat them equally. We join in the campaign for girls not bride and work with girls to go into the Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) , in addition to running a one stop support centre for girls, we run joint programs with other youth agencies to prepare them to be informed and responsible adults that will close the gap of  societal imbalance and inequalities in their world. Yool! is on facebook.