None Left Behind

None Left Behind:

Our none  behind fundraising campaign and well being work for women at the grassroots  came about when we came a grass root woman who clearly symptoms of fibroid,  but never went for diagnoses  for  3 years  of having the symptoms because she has no health insurance no finances for private care. With our aid, when we met her, she was immediately taken to the hospital where her worst fears were confirmed, she had fibroid.  She needed the equivalent of 2, 000pounds and N500,000 in Naira to be operated upon and  the after care, but she never planned on going back to the hospital for treatment because she felt hopeless since she and her family cannot afford such amount of money. Many women at the grassroots do not attend the hospital even when they have medical symptoms that show they do so, our  fundraising campaign for funds  is to avert such future incidents, and aid the treatment of the women at the grassroots living with cervical  cancer, breast cancer and fibroids c also have  access to treatment. None Left behind also does preventive measure well being and healthy lifestyle events such as exercising, good dieting habit etc.